Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair / Cables - Torsion, Extension Springs

One of the hardest tasks garage door owners have is to choose the right spring when the existing one needs replacement. Such tasks get even more difficult when the door needs replacement too and you seek ideal spring solutions for your new door. Making a spring choice is hard even if you just want broken spring replacement but not able to measure the spring due to breakage. For any such task Garage Door Repair Pacoima, CA stands right here and has the experience to help you. It takes experience but also knowledge of which springs are best for which door in order for the system to function well. And then it's best to keep away from the spring because tampering with it might cause serious injuries if not fatal accidents. So for any question, concern or garage door spring repair work, please rely on us.

How to choose garage door springsGarage Door Spring Repair

What makes garage door springs capable of lifting such a heavy door is their power. But how is spring power estimated? Sectional garage door extension springs will be slightly different from one-piece door springs. Although there is usually one torsion spring in each door, some might need two.

Torsion springs are stronger when they are oil-tempered and thus ideal for very heavy doors. During their processing, springs heat in very high temperatures. They are cool and reheated in order to acquire great strengths. But these types of springs might leave some dirt on walls, especially during garage door spring repair services. For this reason, many consumers prefer galvanized torsion springs. But these ones are not as strong as oil-tempered ones and need adjustment more frequently.

How to measure extension and torsion springs

When we talk about the size of the springs, we actually refer to their overall characteristics. These are some common characteristics for both extension and torsion springs:

  • Spring length – this is the length of the spring with the coils joined from one end to the other end without the torsion spring cones or extension spring hooks. This is often difficult to do when the springs break. In this case, it's helpful if you know the weight of the door. Alternatively, call us to assist you.
  • Wire size – the wire is the coils. And you need to know how thick they are. This is often hard to do when the coils are rusty or damaged. It's more helpful if you measure 10 coils together by keeping them compressed and then verify the result by measuring 20 compressed coils. This number must be twice bigger than the last one.
  • Inside diameter – this is the measurement of the inner part of each coil. If the spring is still in its position, it's difficult to get the measurement.

The ends of springs differ. Torsion springs have a stationary cone on one side and a winding cone on the other side. Extension springs have some kind of a hook, ranging from a regular closed loop to open or extended hooks.

Leave any garage door spring repair to our team

Torsion garage door spring repair would include adjustments. This is done with special winding bars. Since such services, but also the selection of the right spring are both critical to your overall convenience. Also, above all safety, it's best if you ask our help any time you want to take measurements or need garage door spring repair or replacement in Pacoima CA.